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Name:Aureantes' Character Zone - Roleplay & Fiction
Website:Scholomance Dramatica Online Roleplaying Academy & Forum
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Community description:Author preview & reference site for original character development.
This is a semi-confidential space specifically for sharing character material - some chars being part of my fiction, which contains several projected novel-sagas and a slew of stand-alone tales, and some of them being part of my online roleplaying, which may or may not eventually turn into polished-&-published fiction on their own account. Only my original RPG/fictional characters are presented in action here - I may occasionally discuss my particular take on characters that belong to an established fandom, but their spotlight is not here in this journal. If you are interested in seeing what I do and have done with canon+spinoff RPG/collaborative fiction, I recommend checking out the Scholomance Dramatica messageboard and/or its original group on Yahoo, where there are also links to all the extant play-by-post RPGs I manage.

If you are interested in seeing more of my writing overall, links to various sites and pages are forthcoming.
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